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Should I Put My Wood Deck On A Concrete Slab?

Anne Jackson

A wood deck is a flat surface similar to a floor but is constructed in the outdoor area. Most people prefer a wood deck to a wood patio or decked patio. You can use different types of wood for your wood decks, such as redwood, cedar, composite wood, and tropical hardwoods. You can also use different designs for your wood deck.

Putting A Wood Deck On A Concrete Slab?

There are some factors that determine if putting a wood deck on a concrete slab will be a great idea. However, you should only consider putting your wood deck on a concrete slab if you are using high-quality materials. The first thing you should consider before deciding to put a wood deck on a concrete slab is the condition of the concrete slab. The concrete slab must be in excellent condition; it must be without cracks.

Also, you must watch out for water pooling. Since you are considering a wood deck, it must not be affected by water. If there is water pooling beneath the boards, then a wood deck will not be appropriate. This is because the water can soak into the wood deck and make it damp. A damp wood deck will attract flies and insects that will damage your deck. 

How to Build A Wood Deck On A Concrete Slab

The first procedure for building a wood deck is to get the right material, including wood, screws and bolts, nails, glue, and silicone. You must also have the required tools, including a miter saw, hammer drill, circular saw, level, and cordless drill or driver.

The first thing to do is to identify the type of decking you will use over the concrete slab, and the layout of the deck sleepers depends on the decking layout. There are different layouts and designs you can choose from. If you want the standard design (all the deck boards facing a direction), you need rows of parallel sleepers.

If you want a more complicated design, you need doubled sleepers to support the boards perpendicular to the other boards. After identifying the layout you want, you should try to resolve any water issues. This will make the wood deck last longer because wood is not supposed to come in contact with water.

Next, lay the sleepers and pre-drill for concrete screws. You don’t need to place the sleepers on the same level; they can go in the direction of the slope of your patio. After laying the sleepers, drill through the sleepers, spacers, and concrete with a hammer drill. After drilling, you should flatten out the sleepers. And finally, install the decking.

Tips for Putting Wood Deck Over Concrete Slab

Here are some things to put in mind before placing a wood deck over concrete slabs. Ensure the concrete slab is in good condition before you start the process. Protect the wood deck from water damage, and ensure you comply with all construction laws.


It is becoming popular for homeowners to replace their concrete slabs with wood decks because it is easier to maintain and more attractive. Ensure you take the tips to mind before you commence.

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